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  • Extruder Barrel Alignment


    Proper alignment of your production machinery is a critical factor in maintaining optimum equipment performance and manufacturing the highest quality product.
    The plastics extrusion process is no exception. As plastics manufacturers increase the demand on extruders for faster speeds and better quality, it is more important than ever to properly maintain the components that make up this process.
    A typical single screw extruder has four major components: gearbox, feed throat, barrel and feedscrew. One of the main factors in achieving optimum efficiency is maintaining the proper alignment of the rotational center of the screw to the rotational center of the gearbox thrust shaft. If these components are not aligned, excessive contact may result between the screw and the barrel leading to:
    * Premature barrel and screw wear
    * Increased clearance
    * Decreased through-put
    * Back-flighting
    * Poor mixing
    * Uneven melt temperatures
    * Surging
    * Screw flex
    * Screw breakage
    Extruder Alignment Methods

    Misalignment can be caused by a number of factors including maintenance procedures, barrel and gearbox/motor installations, as well as machinery conversions and upgrades. Fortunately, there are alignment tools and methods available that can significantly help to decrease misali

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