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  • Extruder Barrel Alignment


    curate and will perform well in order to measure the misalignment of the gearbox and the barrel.
    Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    In addition to alignment inspections, it is highly recommended that wear testing of the barrel and screw be completed regularly in order to accurately forecast when new equipment may be necessary. Also, performing troubleshooting measures early after the appearance of the first symptoms helps to ensure that issues are resolved before they can cause excessive damage to the components, therefore lengthening the life of the equipment. Preventative and troubleshooting measures include:
    Barrel Diametrical Profile
    => Bore gauging – Wear profile of the barrel
    Screw Diametrical Profile
    => Screw Outside Diameter (O.D.) Measuring – Wear profile of screw flights
    Screw and Barrel Straightness Measurement
    => Straightness of both the screw and the barrel is quickly and accurately measured using a 3D metrology tool such as a laser tracker
    Thermal Growth Studies of Barrel
    => Using a laser tracker and targets installed along the exterior of the barrel, measurements are taken in both hot and cold conditions. Target displacements are evaluated in relation to their impact on alignment.
    In Conclusion
    With regular extruder align

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