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  • Extruder Barrel Alignment


    gnment associated issues.

    Traditionally, two primary methods have been used for measuring extruder alignment – optical alignment tools and laser based alignment systems.
    Optical Alignment
    This method involves the use of precision optical equipment, such as telescopic transit squares or dual axis sight levels. The optical instrument is used to align the extruder barrel to the gearbox thrust shaft. Within the eyepiece of the optical instrument there is a reticle (or cross hair) set to infinity. An optical alignment engineer uses the instrument to establish a line of sight reference.
    With the use of optical targets along the barrel, the engineer is able to measure any radial displacement of the centerline of the barrel in relation to the line of sight reference.
    Laser Based Alignment Systems
    Similar to the optical alignment method, laser alignment systems are positioned on the gearbox shaft and adjusted so that it is coincident with the centerline of the thrust shaft. As the name would suggest, laser alignment systems utilize a laser beam and light sensitive targets that are moved along the length of the barrel. As the targets detect the laser beam, measurement data is displayed on a digital readout.
    Both optical alignment and laser alignment systems are highly ac

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