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  • Base Material: 38CrMoAlA     JIS SACM645 Hard Surfacing: Nickel-Base Alloy, Co-Base Alloy
    Special Coatings: Ti-Coating, Hard Chrome Plating, Carbide Coating
    Manufacture Methods: PTA/HOVF
    Hardness HRC 50 / 60;
    Hardness layer reaches 1.5 m/m thickness;
    Hardness does not decrease with depth;
    Hardness does not decrease under normal temperature;
    Outstanding wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance;
    Abrasion wear resistance on the hardened layer is 2~3 times higher than that treated by conventional heat treatment.
    The PTA(Plasma Transferred Arc) powder plasma welding applies the positive and negative electrodes of arc welding, allowing the welding path to be completely welded with the base material. The minimum possibility of the welding path becoming less rigid fully prevents the welding layer from peeling off – thereby effectively upgrading the life time of the screws.
    PTA utilizes Nickel-based alloys and Cobalt-based alloys and its chemical composition includes Ni, WC, CO, Fe, Si, B, Cr and C.

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