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  • TIZA specializes in the manufacture of segmented and non-segmented twin screws for twin screw extrusion machines of all makes. In addition, we manufacture complete bimetallic and nitrided twin screws used in co-rotating and counter-rotating twin screw extruders. TIZA barrels can be found worldwide in continuous extrusion, compounding and other twin screw extrusion applications.
    Parallel Twin Screws

    Parallel Twin Screws are widely used in CPVC/PVC/UPVC Pipes and Profiles Extrusion
    Conical Twin Screws

    Conical Twin Screws are widely used in PVC Pipes and Profiles Extrusion, Wood-Plastics Composites(WPC) and Natural Fiber Composites(NFC) Extrusion, Sheets Extrusion, etc.
    Co-rotating Twin Screws

    Co-rotating Segmented Twin Screws are mainly used in compounding, masterbatches, PET bottles recycling and pelletizing etc.

    Continuous Mixing Rotors

    Continuous mixers provide high intensity mixing of viscous materials and allow the incorporation of fillers in compounding applications. These are counter-rotating, non-intermeshing twin rotors that often feed a hot extruder downstream.

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