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  • For over 30 years, TIZA has been one of the largest manufactures of general purpose nitirded injection barrels and high performance bimetallic injection barrels.
    Standard Nitrided Injection Barrels
    Material: 38CrMoAlA (JIS SACM645)
    Bimetallic Injection Barrels
    Base Material: 40Cr, AISI 4140, SACM645, 42CrMo, Alloy Steel

    TCZ-900: High Wear Resistance Barrels for Injection Molding
    Composition: Tungsten carbide particles uniformly dispersed in a corrosion-resistant nickel alloy matrix;
    Outstanding resistance to both abrasive wear and corrosion;
    Essential for molding highly filled abrasive materials such as those containing 25% or more of glass fibers or mineral fillers (calcium carbonate etc.) and hard-to-melt materials such as HMW-HDPE or LLDPE;
    Resists corrosive attack by aggressive volatiles released by additives or polymers.

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