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  • The end of barrel includes barrel end caps and nozzles.
    End caps are a critical but often neglected part of the plasticising unit. TIZA provides end caps for all makes and models of machines. Whether you need a standard end cap or have an application that requires metallurgical expertise, TIZA can supply the end cap you need. TIZA's experienced engineers utilize triple chrome plating, nitriding, stainless steels and wear resistant tool steels for your most demanding applications.
    Custom designed end caps are available for special applications – for example a continuous taper end cap and nozzle assembly for PVC and PC applications.

    TIZA nozzles and nozzle adapters are designed and manufactured with the same care and expertise that you've come to expect from all of our products. We have many designs on file, and can customize them to fit any application. You name it, TIZA nozzles can handle it! Tiza's nozzle capabilities include: All standard nozzles and replaceable tips available, custom design or specialty steels for non-standard applications, custom length, etc.
    We offer OEM spec replacement nozzles and custom designed nozzles machined to your specifications including general use, full and reverse taper nozzles. As required, our nozzles include special features such as thermocouple holes.
    • Single piece (solid) nozzles • Replaceable tip nozzles • Heated nozzles • Nozzle adapters

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