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  • TIZA has been one of the largest manufacturers of High Performance Bimetallic Barrels for over 25 years. Our customers can rely on a
    complete package with us. Your project always stays in-house where exact specifications are determined and carefully adhered to. Our
    one-stop-shop approach offers substantial cost savings by eliminating the need to locate corresponding components to complete your
    projects. Our expertise in choosing only the most dependable manufacturing partners saves our customers valuable time.
    While most other barrel makers abide by the industry standards for straightness, TIZA applies much tighter straightness tolerances to our barrel production.
    In addition, we offer comprehensive on-site inspections to determine the exact barrel linings for your process and have the capability to
    reline old barrels.

    Cast bimetallic barrels are manufactured by metallurgically bonding the lining alloy to the inner surface of a pre-machined, seamless
    steel tube, forging or bar stock. The bonding is achieved by heating the barrel (and the lining alloy) to the point where the alloy is
    melted. The barrel is then spun and cooled, centrifugally casting the alloy on the inner surface of the barrel. The casting is typically 1-2
    mm in depth. The linings range from standard abrasion-resistant, to corrosion-resistant, to premium-each providing different degrees
    of wear resistance.

    TIZA manufactures bimetallic barrels in-house using cast bimetallic barrel blanks. We now carry in inventory common sizes of these
    barrel blanks in order to meet our customer'
    s needs. Our barrel blanks differ from other bimetallic barrels in a distinct way.TIZA produces
    all the outstanding alloys used in making their barrels. They are developed in their own material laboratory and are continuously tested
    under tough operating conditions.



    Hardness HRC

    Alloy Base






    60 – 64





    62 - 68





    50 - 54





    55 - 59





    56 – 60

    Ni + WC

    TCZ500 - simple protection from abrasion
    The standard bimetallic hard facing, you can double the life of a screw by changing from a nitrided steel to a bimetallic one. This
    bimetallic inlay for cylinders is normally used for standard injection molding and extrusion processes.
    HRC hardness:  58 - 65
    Applications: For plastic resins with additives and fillers up to 10% (fibres and minerals)
    Plastics: ABS, PA, PE, PP, PET, PS, PETP, ASA, CAP, LSR etc.
    TCZ600 - good protection from abrasion and corrosion
    With this multi-functional layer in terms of abrasion and corrosion you will have no problems in processing plastics with up to 20% glass fibres and slightly corrosive properties such as types of PA).
    HRC hardness: 62 - 69
    Applications: Filled plastics up to 20%, except plastics containing halogens
    Plastics: AMMA, PE, ASA, PC, PI, PB with additives, MF, PET (P), PBT (P), UF
    TCZ700/800 - complete protection from corrosion
    No chance of corrosion problems if you use this low-iron nickel-based lining.
    HRC hardness: 48-56
    Application: Processing any plastics that are corrosive
    Plastics: PVC, PUR, fluorine plastics
    TCZ900 - maximum protection properties
    By physically mixing tungsten carbides into a nickel matrix
    we produce a bimetallic layer giving above-average combined
    protection from abrasion and corrosion.
    HRC hardness: 58 - 66
    Applications: Processing any corrosive and highly-filled plastics
    Plastics: Fibreglass-filled ABS; cadmium-filled PE; fibreglass-filled SAN; PA / filled PBT (P)
    Refer to the Barrel Material Guideline table, or talk to one of our process sales engineers by sending us email at to discuss your particular processing environment.
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